Introducing Our High School Clubs

Whether your prospective student club members are seasoned outdoor enthusiasts, or trying out activities for the first time, Trailblazer Outdoor Clubs provide the framework for high schools to create their own outdoor club, suited to their experience.

Engaging in outdoor learning experiences connects students with North Carolina’s nature and outdoor learning experiences can offer the ability to learn new hands-on skills, develop leadership and teambuilding potential, and make friends that have similar interests!

Trailblazer Outdoor Clubs in the inaugural 2023-2024 academic year will be limited to no more than 15 clubs and have exclusive access to grant funds, that can be used to fund field trips or to purchase supplies, such as camping, archery, or fishing equipment.

If you would like your high school to be considered for selection, you may complete an online application (link below).

Please be advised the application is open to high school faculty only.



  • What are Trailblazer Outdoor Clubs? A new program initiative to provide high schools the opportunity, structure, and funding to create a student club focused on outdoor activities.
  • What activities can the club pursue? Any outdoor activity which is in line with the N.C. Outdoor Heritage Advisory Council’s supported activities e.g. hiking, kayaking, canoeing, mountaineering, caving, camping, mountain biking, wildlife watching, fishing, archery, and hunting. Check out the sample curriculum above for ideas on what the academic school year could look like for your club!
  • What activities are not funded? Sports, indoor activities, or activities that use electronics. 
  • How much funding is available? Currently that is to be determined but our goal is to provide selected high schools with exclusive access to grant funds via a quick and simple application process. 
  •  Is there a minimum number of meetings/outings the club has to have? Yes! We encourage clubs to have at least two meetups per month, one could be an informal group discussion, the other an outing.
  • Who leads the club? A faculty member will coordinate the club and participating students are encouraged to form their own student leadership.
  • How do I apply for consideration? Easy! Scroll up to the big orange button and click “Club Application”.

Still have questions?

Contact: Noel Griffin, Outreach and Engagement Manager |