The Outdoor Hall of Fame recognizes North Carolinians that have championed the cause of ensuring the future of quality fishing, hunting and outdoor recreation opportunities for youth across the state.

Inductees have records of exceptional service to the conservation of North Carolina’s natural resources with significant and lasting contributions made to preserving, advancing and enriching outdoor recreational opportunities for youth. Efforts include:

  • Inspiring thousands of youth in fishing, hunting, conservation and outdoor recreation activities.
  • Providing outdoor learning opportunities to North Carolina youth.
  • Conserving or improving fish and wildlife habitats and ecosystems.
  • Upholding outdoor recreation traditions.

Outdoor Hall of Fame inductees will be honored at the North Carolina Youth Outdoor Engagement Invitational, recognizing men and women from across the state that have been trailblazers in the support of engaging youth with outdoor recreation, and conservation and expansion of the state’s natural resources. 


We are currently accepting nominations for the North Carolina Outdoor Hall of Fame. You can nominate an individual for induction by completing and submitting the Hall of Fame Nomination Form found below. The nomination submission deadline is March 30th.