Earn a FREE Outdoor Patch for showing us your completion of one of our supported outdoor activities. 

There are 20 to be earned for activities like hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing. 

When you complete one of our supported outdoor activities, you qualify to receive one of our limited edition patches. There are 20 to collect, each with different requirements – some can be earned annually and some are earned just once.

To qualify for a patch, you must submit a photograph of yourself completing that patch’s activity. For activities like hiking and camping, it can be a photo of you hiking a trail or putting up your tent. For patches like hunting and fishing, it must be a photo of your successful harvest. 

North Carolina residents that are 18 years old and under will receive their patches for FREE. Adults, youth over the age of 18, and out-of-state residents can receive a patch by making a $5 donation to the N.C. Youth Outdoor Engagement Fund.

Achievement Patches are  aimed at individuals that want to put their skills and knowledge to the test.

These patches are earned just once and demonstrate the applicants knowledge, ethics, and skill in Archery, Fishing, and Rifle/Shotgun use. Requirements for these patches include reading a workbook, taking a quiz, and watching and participating in virtual learning content.  

Successful Patches are awarded to those that complete one of our supported outdoor activities. They can be earned annually and the designs change every year to encourage you to keep at it!

Outdoor adventure activities like hiking or camping require you to submit a photo of you doing that activity.

For hunting or fishing activities, you need to submit a photo of your catch or harvest.

Achievement Patches

Click the Patches to Learn About Award Requirements

Archery (2 versions available)
Shotgun (2 versions available)

Successful Patches

2023 Patches

Bird Watcher
Paddle Adventurer
Bear Hunter
Deer Hunter
Duck Hunter
Turkey Hunter
My First Fish
Brook Trout Angler
Catfish Angler
Largemouth Bass Angler
Dolphin Angler
Red Drum Angler
Striped Bass Angler
Horseback Rider

Past Patches

If you have a photo of you completing one of our activities in a previous year (2019-2022), you can still request one of our older style patches. Hurry - once these are gone, they're gone!